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Jossverse fic

Jossverse Fanfiction
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This group was created by movealongx because one night while putting her son to bed, she thought it would be a neat idea to have a general community where not only could authors post their fics, but readers could post ideas for those fics. Any fandom or pairing in the Jossverse is welcome, and the fic posted is not limited to ideas that are given, so please post any fics you want to.

1. All ratings and fanfic are welcome but please mark them appropriately.
2. If there are mature themes (rape, violence, etc) please put a warning above the cut.
3. Please put fics behind a cut.
4. If posting a fic, please put the title in the subject line. If posting a fic idea, please put "fic idea" or something similar in the subject to mark that it is an idea and not a fic.
5. If you need beta readers, feel free to ask. I'd like to create a list of volunteer beta readers, so if you want to be one - please email me.
6. Please only post promos relevant to the community. Anything Jossverse or fanfiction related is welcome. Any other types of communities, please contact me for permission.
7. Please tag your posts. Just a simple fandom: buffy the vampire slayer and rating: r is all that's necessary. This will help keep things organized. :)

Posting a fic:
A good format for posting a fic would be:

Title: Example title
Author: Me
Rating: R
Disclaimer: The characters used in this fic were created by Joss & co. I do not claim ownership of them. I just borrow them for my own silly fun!
Warnings: Non-concensual sex, underage sex

The rest of your fic would be under a cut, or it would be a link to the entry on your journal (not your journal's main page).

The above in HTML form:

I'm going to emphasize again, please put warnings on your fic if there's sensitive material (rape, cutting, etc). This group is open to anybody but some people do not wish to read about these things, so let's be respectful of them as well. :)

The layout was created by butterflybox.

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If you'd like to be an affiliate, feel free to comment or contact me.